Process Art vs Product Art

What is Process Art? Let’s have a look at the differences between Process Art and product oriented art, and how our children can get full benefits from it.

Scrambled Art: Painting with balls

1. Process Art focuses on the process of art making, how children have to plan ahead, and let them to explore each step by themselves.
2. There is no step-by-step instruction. Children can design their own work through their own imagination.
3. Children can work under their capabilities/imagination, be able to explain each step of their work, and sometimes children just enjoy telling story from their finished art as well.
4. The finished piece is so unique because it comes from each child’s imagination.
5. There is no sample for children to have a look before starting their works because that would encourage imitation. Children should be able to design their art from their own imagination.
6. Process Art helps to development and increase brain synapses connectivity from hands-on learning.
7. Process Art develops and improve fine motor skills.
8. It encourages imagination and makes children believe that anything can happen.
9. Even though, Process Art allows children to ‘play’ with more freedom, but they have to play under some ground rules.

Like, they are not allowed to draw out side the paper, but the paper should be large enough for them to explore and create their piece.

10. There is no right or wrong in creating a Process Art piece.
Children do not have to be afraid of coloring out side the line or using different color (except green) for a tree.
11. Process Art allows children to explore different kinds of materials which will develop their sensation.

Scrambled Art: Painting with balls

From Process Art, now let’s have a look at some other product oriented art. We can see it easily that the finished piece can be predicted, and each child’s art is very similar to each other. There is nothing wrong about product oriented art, but the focus is that parents should choose an appropriate type of art for their kids.





In each stage of a child’s life, art should be a part of their daily life, and each stage requires different types of art which will help them to develop faster.

However, here comes some benefits of product oriented art.

  1. It develop a child’s concentration because they have to color in a smaller space compared to Process Art.
  2. Product oriented art is more suitable for children whose fine motor skills are already developed.
  3. The finished piece is more beautiful than Process Art and very easy to understand.
  4.  The challenges or tasks are very clear, children are given a task and follow instructions.

Like, drawing some fish in the ocean.

5. Children will have a better understanding of reality, such as water is blue, fish live in the sea, a bird has 2 legs, or a chicken has 2 wings.
6. Children will learn much more advance drawing/painting skills compared to Process Art. They can build a basic art skill, such as sketching, water coloring, and outlining.

I believe that there is nothing wrong in both types of art, but parents should understand and choose an appropriate art for each child’s age. This will encourage a much more and faster development in their child.

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