Scrambled Art Inspiration

“Scrambled Art is more than an art school”

Our inspiration comes from using an ancient art like Process Art to develop young children in Thailand which enhances a child’s brain development, fine motor skills, and learning process.

Most Thai parents always send their kids to tutors for an extra studying during the weekends, but they also forget that during a childhood time, children need to have some “play time” to support their kids’ development as well. This will enhance and support children both physical and mental development.


Scrambled Art was inspired by using an old art technique that has more than 5 decade history as a mean to help a new generation of parents to develop their child through ‘learning by doing’.

Process Art focuses on the understanding of process of art making and to make sure that children understand how things occur along the process, more than focusing on beautiful art pieces. “Process not Product”

Process Art increases the brain synapses connectivity and improves a child’s fine motor skills. This will help them to develop stronger muscles between their fingers, arms, and shoulders which will lead to a faster learning for daily skills, such as holding a spoon, button their shirts, and tying their shoes.

Come and join us and let your child learn a new way to learn.


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