Veggie Painting and Stamping

Here comes our first time workshop at Scrambled Art. I have to thank all my neighbors who made this focus group happen and thank the kids who enjoy the activity so much. Who knows veggie painting can be so much fun!


I chose different types of vegetables which have different textures, so the kids can experience them all. We had baby corns, broccoli, and balsams which are local Thai herb. The kids enjoy choosing them and mixing them into paints very much.

My first suggestion for veggie paint is to choose different types of vegetables that have different textures. In this case, kids can experience the sensation through touching, squeezing, or breaking the vegetables apart. Of course, different textures create different paintings which will lead to a higher participation of young children.



This helps to develop fine motor skills as well

My second suggestion is to choose different colors of vegetables which kids can learn and understand that even though a green veggie can create a yellow mark after they dipped it into some yellow paint. They will learn how things created and create some questions in their mind.

What would happen if I dip this yellow corn into some pink and stamp it on a paper?

What kind of marks a broccoli will create? Why they’re so different from the marks created by balsams?

I just love veggie painting because children brain can learn so much from it and who knows veggies can help us to develop children brain.





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