Body Tracing…what do I look like?!

Do your children like to make some strange moves or act very strangely? Now, it’s time for them to throw all the craziness out and allow them to act however they like!

Our body tracing class will help them to know their bodies better, and they can see what they’re look like when they do some strange acting.

There are many benefits of body tracing and of course having fun is one of them!

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The biggest advantage of playing with a big piece of paper is that they can use the whole arm to paint and draw which will improve their arm strength. With a constant practice, body tracing activity can have a great improvement of fine-motor skills.

Also the choice of equipment used is more interesting and various. Like Sami and Levy, this activity allows them to use bigger brushes and rollers which are not suitable for normal size of paper, so it’s a great way for them to have a chance to learn how to use new tools.

Even though, it takes sometimes for little kids to learn how to use rollers, but they are great tools that should be introduced at the early stage.

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Not only they can improve fine-motor skill and arm strength, they can learn about their bodies throughout the activity as well. This activity will encourage them to imagine and question something like…

“Oh! this is what I look like”
“This area suppose to be my eyes, my nose, and mouth”
“What kind of shirt I would like to try on and see how it will look on me”
“What color should my pants be? and what if I have curry hair?”

Let’s bring out some curiosity and see them try!

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K. Nut and N’ Levy in our Body Tracing Class
Sami is preparing and mixing some paint for his work 

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