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Scrambled Art is not just an art school. We treasure quality time through group activities among friends and family. The children will have a chance to explore special activities throughout the year which we will provide them with fun activities to explore during the holiday breaks. Look out for our special activities because they will come around only once a year!


This year, we started off with Easter Egg painting! Look at those colours, they will turn a white ordinary egg into some vibrant colour. Of course, food colouring will give you the best result. We found most of the children loved this activity as they can explore different colours through egg dying.


At Scrambled Art, we always allow the kids to explore different art techniques and implement by themselves. Here we have Pan-Pan doing paper mache on an egg and turn it into a dragon egg! You will not believe the result which is amazing. So, let’s get messy!


Different art techniques will develop different sensations and skills, so we always allow them to explore by themselves and design their work according to their imagination. For Easter Egg Painting activity, we made totally 3 kinds of egg which applied 3 different art techniques which are paper mache, character making, and short art project development.

Even though, these techniques are very simple, but they can develop the kids in different skills and mind sets.


Paper mache is very simple and every kid should have a chance to explore this art techniques because it helps to develop sensation and coordination working between eyes and fingers. At Scrambled Art Easter Egg Painting, we provided kids with different colour papers for them to taring into small pieces and create a dragon egg. This helps to create texture for kids to explore.

Of course paper mache is a messy art activity, but it’s worth the result!

For character creation, this allows the kids to create a character which popped up in their mind. Now, it is time for us to have a look and investigate what kind of character they created, a happy/angry/funny one, or it’s an animal, or male/female. These kinds of character will give you a clue what your child is thinking or creating.


Come and explore our activities out! Your child will enjoy the exploration and creativity.

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