Sensory Box: Flower Pots

Sensory play box contains various ordinary things in life, but it provides incredible improvement   -Scrambled Art by- Kru Ploy


I have to say that putting these “fun recipe” together is not easy, it takes time, but it’s super fun. Sensory play box gives our children to learn basic things in life through their playtime, and the important reason that I like about sensory play box is that we, mothers, can teach our kids to appreciate simple things around us.

Sensory play box: Flower Pots is a great example of how each ingredient can help to develop a child senses.

Nature. We carefully select every natural materials for our Play House activities. This will helps your kid to appreciate nature and recognize the surroundings throughout the playtime. The most important thing is they are non-toxic and child friendly.

Questioning. Each material selection has different smell and some of them are so vibrant getting the kid attention very well. Your kid will learn why flowers smell much nicer from some rocks. Or how come rice smell the same when they have different colours. The activity will encourage your child to question naturally.

Basic skills. Your child will have a chance to learn basic skills without knowing it. They will realize the weight difference between each materials and learn basic estimation skill through their hands and eyes.

Texture. When kids are very young, those little hands are great tools for exploration. Touching through different texture will enhance their senses.

Sensation. Of course, sensory play box helps to develop senses through smelling, touching and seeing. These senses will be enhanced and developed through art and playtime.

Your child can experience all of these through our Play House workshop which provides with real life simulation sensory box. I have to say it’s a fun way to learn

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