What is Sensory Play?

Young children are new to the world, and they need to be supported and guided by parents – Kru Ploy


Sensory play is not a new concept or trend, but it’s an alternative way to give toddlers some guidelines and learning experience. For adults, we also have some sensory experience, but for us I believe it’s called “Sensory Day”.

Sensory day for me is when I go to the beach and sink my feet into the sand. I feel them running through my toes and feel the cool from the water. When I looked up, I see the the sun shining on my face. It did not make me feel so hot because I felt the cool breeze running through my hair. This is my sensory moment.

What did sensory day make me feel? I felt so relaxed and my mind can go free. This is the moment when silence give me excitement. I feel simple things in life can make me feel emotional, and they give me all the sensations. I did not feel my feet are dirty anymore, but they are so sensitive to the sand and the cold from the water. “This is my sensory play”


Toddlers and young children needs to understand their bodies, learn how to control, and how to use it properly. Of course, they need some support from us, adults.

The first step the your child took was done by a support of gross-motor skills or gross muscles. This also helps them to run and jump around. When they hungry and grab a spoon, this action is supported by fine-motor skills.

How about When they are trying to distinguish between plastic and glass?

When they smell some drink and know it’s sour?

How can they tell the pan is very hot when they stand close to it or see the smoke coming up?

How can they tell the floor is wet and slipery?

These questions all involve 5 senses, see, touch, smell, taste, and sound.

Sensory Play box can help young children to develop these senses and help them to go through daily life smoothly. It simulates different senario inside little box and practice these senses in a safe environment.

Sensory play does not come in a play box platform only, but we can adjust this theory into different themes according to each child interests and development, so it is a great chance to introduce this play based activity to your little ones since they are young to prepare themselves for adjusting to the real world better.

How about you?
Share your thoughts about your adult sensory days and your child sensory play with us. I believe it’s going to be a very good story.



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