What is play based learning?


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I believe every parents these days are worried about their kids picking up the phones or tablets. Just when I said this, I think you actually are trying to find your phone and make sure it’s not in the hand of your child.

I agree technology can helps us to increase some convenience in adult life, but is your child ready for this change in such a young age?

When was the last time you see your kid pick up a book by themselves?

When was the last time they play outside in the garden or ask something about nature?

Kids are incredible, they can unlock your phone, open applications, or delete your photos within seconds, but they cannot tie their shoes. These are questions that we have to ask ourselves. Is my child ready for the real world?

We can help your kids to prepare for the real world without stress, and they can learn/develop while they play and have a good time.


As a very young child or a toddler, they cannot distinguish the difference between “play” and “work”, and this is good for parents. We can help them to learn (work) with fun.

Right after your child is born, they already have responsibilities and work to do:
-Develop senses (smell, tough, sight, sound, and test), so they can trust their instinct and be able to make decisions and survive.
-They have to work hard to develop their muscles and skills.
-Be able to concentrate, so they can get daily work done.
-Understand language (mother’s tongue) and the most importantly; body language.

So, how can we put all these works without giving them stress, crying, and all the kicking? Now, Play based learning comes in.


-We can simulate real life situations into a theme play, such as planting trees, pouring water into a cup, pet an animal, or building a zoo. Children will get familiar with these scenario before they see it in real life.
-It helps to develop basic skills for daily life. For example, while play with water, they will learn how to pour some water into a cup without spilling, and we can teach them when to stop.
-Understand basic concepts of the surrounding objects. For example, water is liquid and differs from ice, and what make water becomes ice.
-Develop social skill and learn how to share.

I like play based learning very much because it helps children to learn without stress, and also we demonstrate real life into a play, so children can learn safely and naturally.

What kind of play based learning you play with your child at home? Share with us!

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