Scrambled Dough Inspiration


“Inspire by nature, produced by nature”

With years of studying art, history, and crafting, discovering new techniques and inspiring people become my passion.

My passion is to find new ways of learning for children who craving for exploration, fun activities, and making new friends. My job is to make sure that they receive proper tools and materials they need for their improvement (both physical and mental). Moreover, to make sure all tools and materials are acceptable by parents and appripriate for their child.

What does inspire me to create Scrambled Dough?
“My future children” are my inspiration. We parents always make sure that our children are safe and receive appropriate care during their play time. So, I always find new learning experience for my students with safe tools that are suitable for their age, so I decided to create my own play dough to make sure my students are safe while they are learning.

My teaching vision is to let the children learn wisely and safely. So I invented Scrambled Dough for children to play without parents’ worries.

The selection for Scrambled Dough ingredients:
All the ingredients used in Scrambled Dough are 100% organic and non-toxic for both children and adults. Every Scrambled Dough is handmade, and we carefully select each ingredient to make sure it’s suitable for children in the studio.

Colour of choice:
Scrambled Dough is very unique because we also provide dough without colour which allows children to practice colouring technique on sculptures and models that they make.
For great inspiration and imagination, we offer collection of Scrambled Dough into themes, such as marbles, Galaxy, Halloween, and Christmas to inspire children to create new things that they have not tried before.

Each Scrambled Dough collection is very unique and provides different skill sets for the children. It is designed to increase variety of skill set development and provides fun learning experience. Each collection gives the children with different feelings, imagination, and ideas. They will be easily inspired by the colours and texture of each dough.

STEAM Technique

Scrambled Dough is a part of teaching tools at Scrambled Art which is called STEAM.

S = Science

T = Teachnology

E = Engineer

A = Art

M = Maths

This learning technique opens the new way of teaching to be more effective, fun, and meaningful. STEAM learning method is great for children who learn better with images and kids who like to learn by doing. Scrambled Dough can be used for science, technology, engineering, art, and maths. Very interesting, right?

There are a lot of parents informed me that their children do not like to play with dough. Do you think what is the reasons? Share with us here.




Founder and Instructor at Scrambled Art

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