Play House Oct-Dec, 2017


Play House workshop
October-December 2017

For Play House, there are 4 main activities that your little one can choose to participate in.

  1. Sensory Box: This helps to develop senses for your child, touch, sight, smell, and hearing through play time. We provide sensory box with different themes which can prepare your little one into the real world. We simulate real life experience into a little box.
  2. Recognition Learning: Learning about alphabets and numbers through art and craft. This activity will help your child learn by doing during the play time and without stress.
  3. Scrambled Dough: This workshop is designed to help develop fine-motor skills for your kid through sculpturing and modeling. Our Scrambled Dough is 100% organic and non-toxic which is designed by Kru Ploy specially for this workshop.
  4. Art and Nature: These activities will teach your child to realize about the surroundings, nature, and focuses on small details to help their concentration because we use natural resources for making art and craft.

Download the schedule here: Play House Oct_Nov_Dec Course

Hummingbird 5,500 Baht / 10 class
Kingfisher 7,500 Baht / 15 class
For more information 089-203-8272
LineID: @scrambled_art


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