Spoon Dolls Workshop

First creation is the most memorable – Khru Ploy (Scrambled Art)

I really like this workshop “spoon and fork doll”. I asked most of the kids in this workshop whether they have done this before. All of them said NO. This is quite a surprise for me.

Plastics spoons and forks are two things that we see everyday. When we go to 7-11, buying ice cream, or when we order take away lunch. Most of the time we throw them away and they becomes waste. The first thought that came into our mind about forks and spoons is that we use them for eating. What else can we use, right? You will be surprise of how much they can help your child to develop some basic skill.

Forks and spoons are the perfect tools to help your child to improve concentration by working on some small details. You have no idea how much attention the kids to pay during the workshop. Cutting a shirt and skirt at the size of their finger, drawing some buttons that are so small like dots, and trying to on some plastics eyes on the spoon. These actions are not easy and need practice, but THEY DID A GREAT JOB!

When the activity is done at the first time. The kids tend to pay attention better and willing to try harder than usual. When they all finished, we sat down together and tell some stories about each of them to improve their social skill and self-confidence.

Now, I cannot wait for the next workshop and see some great work from the kids! Well done.


Founder and Instructor



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