Printing with Milk Workshop

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WOW! This is the first word that my students always say when they saw their work from the activity “Printing with Milk” at the first time. This art and science technique is so amazing and get children all excited.

“Can I paint with milk?”
“Are we going to drink some milk? — the first one who finishes it win”
“How can I paint with milk? It’s white!”

These are the questions that the kids ask when I told them that we are going to paint with some milk. Some of them actually asked whether they can drink it 🙂

I love this activity so much because the kids can learn about science and art at the same time. They have a chance to play around with the color and learn about color mixing theory without memorizing it. With the exciting movement from the separation of the milk and water color, they learn about science of how oil or fat cannot mix with the water. What an exciting experiment!

The outcome of their work are so unique and one of a kind. They could make twenty and none of them are the same. Their work are so colorful, unique, and fill with energy.

See our students’ work here and let them know which one is your favorite 🙂 They would like to see your comments.


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