Children Development and Nature


Why nature is so important for your child development?

Here are some main points that I hope to encourage your kids to get involve with natural resources and materials because it can help your child to develop

  1. Help to develop observation skill of the surroundings.
    Our today life has been involved with technology almost 24/7. Talking on the phone, watching TV, playing with tablets, sitting in a car for hours because we are stuck in the traffic jam.At Scrambled Art we connect your child, art, and nature together in a fun and creative way. The kids got a chance to grab some sticks, paint brushes, and water color to create a simple art piece.

    We teach them how to look closely and pay attention to details, like the pattern on the leaves, the colors of the branches, and how the color change on different materials like wood, soil, and sand.
    This play-based observation can help your child to develop problem solving skill in the future.

A simple project for your child should involve materials from nature.

2. Explore different textures through different senses.
There is a reason we call “Mother Nature” because nature is a force that controls water, air, livings, and the fertility on Earth. This means that your child can have an never-ending exploration and learning.

Nature is the best material sources for your child sense development.
Texture: I love all kind of texture from nature like mud, branches, rocks, leaves, flowers, sand, insects, … The list goes on and on. Our job is to make sure that not only the kids have to open their mind to explore some strange texture, they also need to open their hands and willing to play with it.


Colors: The colors from nature is so unique and vibrant. The sunshine, flowers, clear water, bugs…. These colors are so unique and will stay in your kid mind to remember. When the kids get involve closely with the nature, they will learn how nature get advantage from color. In the kids’ mind, colors are just something that we use for turning white to some color. For nature, some animals use color to camouflage, to find food, or to frighten a predator away.

Your kids will learn how to use different colors for representing feelings, animals, weathers, or even time.

Sound: Nature provides us with various sounds. This encourages your kids to use their imagination. Let your child close their eyes, and listen of the sounds lik

maxresdefault (1)

e rocks cracking at each other, leaves rolling around the sand, or the sound of the water.

This helps to develop hearing ability and imagination of your child.

3. Concentration and adaptation
There are some study that shows kids who are interaction with nature can concentrate better than other kids. This might due to the attention to small details that your kid cannot find in a classroom. With the nature diversity, your kid will be more adaptable and develop a better problem solving skill.

How can we get nature to be involve in art?

At Scrambled Art, we provide a fun play group called “Art and Nature” which your kids can create a simple art piece that is made from natural materials.

The key for conducting the play group for natural exploration is to keep in simple. No need for fancy toys, tools, or equipment. Kids will explore best in a natural set up.
Our play group encourage them to explore by using their hands and eyes, so they can experience different kind of textures by themselves.

Amazingly, kids always have a natural way to explore (they still have surviving instinct) without having adults tell what to do. I believe that human has a better learning and exploring ability when we are younger.




Do you think learning with nature is necessary for your child?
Let me know about your ideas by leaving some comments.



Ploithip A. Chaisuparakul
Founder and Instructor at Scrambled Art


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