Shaving Cream Art

Shaving cream art is one of our favorite activities at the studio. It is very inspiring for the kids to create new art pieces and keep exploring for new techniques. Every time we have this activity at the studio, the kids are so excited and cannot wait to see their new master piece.

This Process Art activity not only very inspiring and creative, but it also help the kids to think logically and systematically. They need to understand the steps/process of making to be able to repeat it by themselves. Trust me, the process is so much fun, and the kids will not be able to stop making more art.

Here are some photos from our workshop. Make sure to leave some comments for the piece that you like.


“Each kid is unique as same as their art”
Let us know about this activity whether you like it or not.


Ploithip C.
Founder and Instructor at Scrambled Art

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