Private Class (ADHD, Autistic)


“Art is an opportunity for me to improve myself in a happy fun way”

Here at Scrambled Art studio, we offer private class to special kids including Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) where they can improve themselves through art and craft.

What are our focuses?

– Improve fine-motor skills including fine muscles and controlling.
– Encourage kids in writing, drawing, coloring, and painting.
– Provide different ways to improve fine-motor skills through different art tools, such as brushes, cotton buds, scissors, and color pencils.
– Improve concentration through fun and engaged activity. We provide various activities for learning experience, such as painting, sculpturing, drawing, and crafting.
– Engage kids in Process Art activities to improve their imagination and decision making.



Learning Environment?

– We provide a private art session for special kids with one teacher and 1 teacher assistance.
– Quiet learning environment with no stress and enforcement.
– Lowest distraction from surroundings.
– Encourage interaction between teacher and student to improve social skill.
– Focuses on good childhood experience through art and craft.



For more information

089-203-8272 Kru Ploy
LineID: @scrambled_art

Location: Muangtong 2/2 Village, Pattanakarn 61

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