Sharing Knowledge

A lot of student might wonder…what Kru Ploy doing when she’s not teaching. Of course, preparing class materials is a must, but also spreading the knowledge about teaching Process Art is important as well.

Our studio is small and kid-friendly which attracts not only students but also some university visitors as well.

This post is dedicated to Mahidol Universities International Collage (MUIC) whose foreign students are interested in Process Art and working with young children.

We discussed about how art can improve young children imagination, process thinking, brain synapses, and confidence. Process Art is now being more recognized by new generation of parents who would like to break through the traditional art teaching method.

As a teacher and mother, Kru Ploy would like to spread the knowledge about Process Art to parents who are interested in developing their child through art and craft.

Contact is for more information about Process Art

089-203-8272 Kru Ploy

LineID: @scrambled_art

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