Schedule: May-June


Welcome to our Process Art course!

What are our focuses?
– Process Art course is an anti-form art created for children to explore freely.
– We encourage children to involve in every steps on their own.
– This course will teach children on their process thinking, not the beauty of their work.
“Process, NOT Product”
– Our course involves with various types of activities including painting, crafting, and sculpturing.
– We encourage children to ask questions and try out the answers by testing on their own art work.
– The course aims to improve concentration through making details on artwork.

Our teaching environment
– Limit only 6 students per workshop with 2 teachers.
– Activities include both indoor and outdoor (depends on number of students, age, and season).
– All workshop are taught in English.

For more information
089-203-8272 Khru Ploy
LineID: @scrambled_art


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Process Art_05_May2019Process Art_06_June2019Playhouse_05_May2019Playhouse_06_June2019

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