Chinese Dragon

C H I N E S E . D R A G O N 🐲



The third day of our Around the World camp is all about China. In the morning we learn about Asian and the Asian countries by using paper-mache’ techniques to build the world map 🗺


After lunch, we learn about Chinese culture, their influences, and the choice of colors they use in their art. Then we create our very own dragon 🐉 made by paper plates.


Check out these dragon from our students. They turn out really good.


We still have a few space left for the upcoming session. Book your seats now.


✂️June-July Camp 🖍

Would you like to improve your child #concentration, #planning, and #problemskills this summer?

Kru Ploy has designed special camp that your child can improve various skills in a creative way.

Our goals:

✅ Help to convey art techniques to improve your children concentration, planning, and problem skills.

✅ Create/increase confidence and express emotion creatively.

✅ Learn different art techniques from the world famous artists.

✅ Learn about how culture can influence art in different countries around the world.

✅ Be able to design and create 3D work which helps to increase brain synapses.

🌏Choice A: “Around the World”

7,500 Baht



8-12 July (2 left)

22-26 Jul (available)

🖌Choice B: “The World Artists”

7,500 Baht



1-5 July (full)

15-19 July (1 left)

29 July-2 August (available)

🖌Limited 6 students/class

🖍All price is net and includes lunch+snack box

*10% discount when purchase Choice A + Choice B


089-203-8272 Kru Ploy

LineID: @scrambled_art


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