Lava Lamp

L A V A . L A M P 🧪



Today our playgroup, we mixed science and art together and create a personal lava lamp ☺️


What did we learn today?


✅matters and the difference between oil and water (how they react to each other)


✅fine-motor skill

✅English vocabularies


The most important thing is that children finished the workshop by themselves. With little steps along the way, young children will learn fast and better with pictures and hands-on experience.


Our playgroup is very small (6 students:2 teachers), so your child will be assisted and have a close relationship with teachers. Also the teaching materials and the class are taught in English.


If your child is between 2-3.5 years old, then he/she is perfect to join is ☺️


Free trial or reservation

089-203-8272 Kru Ploy

LineID: @scrambled_art




📍ShowDC (Pop-up Workshop)



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