Sensory Play and Art

Sensory play and art can be used together to develop your children skills. These playing method can help young children to be more participated in activities.

In this case, there are two kinds of activities that your children will be involved. Sensory play and Art.

How they are different and what are their benefits to your child?

Sensory Play: this kind of play involves a lot of textures and materials, such as colored rice, mud, and slime. This activities help to improve children senses including smell, touch, sight, hearing, and taste.

Art: making art helps to improve brain activities or what we call brain synapses. This activities that brain creates comes from children gaining new experience. The more synapses, the better for children because it helps them to make decision to the problem better. Making art is one of them. It helps children to develop planning and problem solving skills by making an art piece.

For this astronaut sensory play, we started with a fun game which children need to find matching pictures and collect them in the colored rice buckets. Then we use these pictures to make an art piece that all family members can help each other to finish it.

Check out these lovely family photos from our workshop….which painting is your favorite?

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