Paper Bag Puppet Monster

At Kru Ploy studio, we have a lot of art methods for children to trial. This includes painting, printing, sculpturing, and also crafting. Most of craft activities that we do here we focus on recycling by using waste and materials around the house.

Like this Paper Bag Puppet Monster, we use paper bags (like the one we got from Mc Donald) to make a hand puppet. This material is very easy to work with, and children can find it anywhere.

This activity helps young children to develop their imagination and planning skills. Because they have to plan how to use materials efficiently and how to place them to create a monster character. It also helps children to think creativity by designing their own monster using only paper and how to play with it.

Check out these photos from our workshop. We can tell that children are very proud of their work and like to play with their puppets very much.

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