Butterfly Dough

Hi…welcome to your little classroom for 2-4 yrs.

At Kru Ploy’s studio, we are offering small playgroup for your little ones to experience Process Art and sensory.

Our activities are designed especially for children to be able to finish each step by themselves, so they will know all the techniques and develop thinking process. The most importantly, they will be proud of themselves and create the feeling of ownership.

This activity is called “Butterfly Dough” using organic artist grade clay to help develop fine-motor skill and problem solving skills for young children. Students must finish the given task such as creating a butterfly along the guideline using dough, painting the background using a brush, and decorating their work using their imagination.

Therefore, each student will be able to create their own work which is one of a kind because they be able to choose materials and methods by themselves.

Kru Ploy

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