Get ready and clear your schedule for our October Camp. This year Kru Ploy has designed special activities for 5yrs+ to experience “Commercial Art”.



Total 5 artwork and 1 mini-project

🖌Cereal Box Design (Pop Art and Cartoon)

🖌World famous artist Andy Warhol’s Tomato Soup (Cardboard printing technique)

🖌Milk Box/Juice Box Design (Watercolor and Collage)

🖌Seafood Painting (Learn about poster painting techniques)

🖌Egg Carton Label Design and Real Eggs Coloring (Learn how to use colors for organic food)

*2.5 hours in the afternoon daily.

📖 Mini-Project (Making pop-up story book and design book cover)

*1.5 hours in the morning daily. Total hours for this mini-project is 7.5 hours.



✅ Concentration

✅ Planning and problem solving skill

✅ Experience Process Art

✅ Learn about coloring, painting, and printing techniques

✅ Be able to think and imagine based on 3D models

✅ To be patient and look at things in details

✅ Increase curiosity about objects in daily life


Fee: 9,500 Baht (include lunch and snack)

*10% discount when enroll before 30 Sep

Time: 9:30-15:00


❗️Limited only 6 students per sessions

*All classes are taught in English

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