Anvida Day 1 Sep Camp

First day at Anvida Kindergarten, we had such a great time!

We kicked off the day with a simple but fun Process Art activity like Body Tracing which students must pair up and take turn tracing each other body. Then they have to decorate and draw additional story for themselves.

This helps young children to use their imagination to imagine where they want to be, what they want to wear, and what they are doing.

After the break, we started something more complicated and challenging with the theme “Green Earth” 🌍 We learnt the benefits of trees 🌲 and we trees are so important to our planet Earth. This activity will take totally 3 hours to finish, so today we did a little of the background for the Earth. Tomorrow we will make some decoration to represent Tree Conservation.

Check out photos from today workshop ☺️

Well done everyone!

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  1. patchai says:

    adorable pupils with abstraction image painting.

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