Welcome to our October Camp with the theme Commercial Art.

The first day we start with the studying of colors through printing techniques by using the world famous printing artwork made by Andy Warhol.

Kru Plot has design an easier version based on Process Art teaching methods to teach students the same technique, but much more fun!

We study about color wheel and how the wheel can be divided into two parts which are cool and warm colors. Then, we played a game in a garden matching cool and warm color together to create colorful tomato soap cans. This technique gives students’ paintings a lot of vibrant color and make it very unique.

Then, we make a printing board by using some cardboard shaping out a can and stamp it on the colors. This part students get really excited see their mold left a mark on their paintings.

After we got the shape of tomato cans, we shifted to crafting making some logo for the cans by using tomato shapes.

The final touch is to have “soup” sign as same as Andy’s painting using rope and hot glue to make out letters.

The first was so much fun playing with the cool and warm colors. We can’t believe that students nailed it! Well done!

Check out the paintings and printing techniques we did on the first day. Love the colors they use. Kru Ploy really looking forward to see the rest of the Art.

Image result for andy warhol

Image result for andy warhol

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