Welcome to our Brush and Breakfast!

This course is designed by Kru Ploy to provide children with deep art experience. This includes detailed painting techniques, sketching, and building your own art collection.

Our course objectives and focus

✅ Spread knowledge and learn about world famous artists and be able to implement our own work according to the artist’s techniques.

✅ Build confidence, concentration and self-control for students through painting.

✅ Students must be able to understand different types of painting techniques and the difference between each type of paint, such as watercolor, acrylic, and poster.

✅ Students must be able to plan their work according to time management.

✅ Improve imagination by produce work according to class assignment.

✅ Experience different types of painting such as watercolor, acrylic, and poster paint.

Who: 6-8 and 8-12 years old

6-8 yrs👇🏻

Saturday “World Artists” 10:30-12:30

Sunday “Brush n Breakfast” 09:30-11:30

8-12 yrs👇🏻

Saturday “Brush n Breakfast” 13:30-15:39

Sunday “World Artists” 13:30-15:00

Where: Pattanakarn Rd., Pattanakarn61

Tuition: 10 classes/12,000 Baht (1 year validation)

Class environment: We really give importance to accessibility from teacher’s help, so our workshop is very small and focus. We limit only 6-8 students per session. The session will be hold outdoor for students be able to walk around and enhance imagination.

Brush and Breakfast: Students can order some light breakfast and drink from our list into the class. The tuition fee is already include the light breakfast.

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