👉🏻”Time Traveller” art camp is now open for application. Special discount for early birds and members.

Kru Ploy designs this camp with Time Traveller theme for children to experiment different art techniques and learn about our world in a fun way!

We will sit in a time machine and look through the most famous era of our world….starting from…

🖌Big Bang Theory (Poster on canvas with pendulum swing)

🖌Dinosaur World (Paper Mosaic)

🖌Cave Man (Charcoal)

🖌Egyptian (Mini project 7.5 hrs)

🖌City (Texture Cardboard)

🖌Space NAZA (recycle Craft)


✅To teach young children about the Earth history through art.

✅To give children a chance to experience different types of art techniques.

✅Develop story telling and presentation skills

✅Improve concentration, problem solving, and process thinking skills.

✅Be able to listen to instruction and complete the tasks by themselves.

#Who and #When

We are open for children 5yrs+

👉🏻Group1 Mon 16-Fri 20 Dec

👉🏻Group2 Mon 23-Fri 27 Dec

⏰ 9:00-15:00


ART CAMP 9,500 Baht (10% discount available for Scrambled Art members and early birds who apply before 30 Nov)

*Tuition already include materials, lunch, and snacks.

*All class are taught in English

*Limited for 6-8 students only❗️


089-203-8272 Kru Ploy

LineID: @scrambled_art


Open everyday



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