KRU PLOY (Director)

Mrs. Ploithip A. Chaisuparakul (Kru Ploy)
Owner and Director

Kru Ploy considers herself as a young explorer through culture and art. At the age of 16, she was an exchange student in Maine, the United States where she first started her foreign experience as a high school student. For a non-English speaker, being in the USA was very difficult, but she spent most of her time doing art and craft. Her work was a mixture of Thai culture and her experience of being in another country. Most of her work was expressive art sharing the message of missing home and excitement of making new friends which finally was in a local art exhibition.

After a few years, Kru Ploy decided to challenge herself by moving from the United States to England where she still continued exploring and creating her artwork. She devoted most of her time studying fine art and landscape. Most of her work was influenced by Georgia O’Keeffe which involves a lot of flowers, landscape, and birds.

After high school life, she decided to go back to Thailand and graduated from Mahidol University International Collage (MUIC) where she got a chance to develop her art skill in sketching and drawing.
During her time in MUIC, she was also an exchange student in Malaysia under ASEAN scholarship learning about another religion and culture. It did not have much influence on her work, but it had a great impact on her point of view and her inspiration.

Kru Ploy established Scrambled Art in 2016 hoping to spread knowledge about Process Art to young children and parents in Thailand. With experience in children day care, Kru Ploy has merged children development, psychology, and Process Art together hoping to develop children skills by using Process Art. Process Art program has been very successful, so Kru Ploy decided to level up the program for special kids to have a place to develop their abilities too.

Currently, Kru Ploy has been mastered a lot of different art techniques, such as abstract art and Process Art. She has produced new art pieces through out the years. Her recent study is ancient art history and Catholic Art movement. This includes Renaissance and Baroque painting techniques.

Kru Ploy has been teaching young children art and craft based on Process Art method for more than 6 years which including art therapy for special kids, such as LD, ADHD, and Autism. She found Process Art is very suitable for helping children to develop in both physical and intellectual way.

By 2020, Kru Ploy has found her way to many cases which are required special care like fine-motor skill, problem-solving skill, Learning Disorder (LD), and more. Most of the cases caused by raising environment at home, such as allowing babies to watch TV for a long time, or having rush daily routine that can cause a hyper kid, or even having a sitter to do everything for young children at home like feeding and showering.

Kru Ploy decided to establish a project called My Nanny is My Teacher to convey a meaning of having a better care taker at home can have a great impact on young children’s development. We can see young children in the program developing their abilities in a positive way. Even though the program has launched in a short period of time, but children in the program have been learning and developing throughout the year.

If you would like to know more about Kru Ploy. You are most welcome to visit our studio at anytime.

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