PLAY HOUSE (2.5-4yrs)


Hello my little artists 👋🏻 We really enjoyed having you guys in our sessions. Our Process Art activists are especially designed by Kru Ploy aiming to help young children to develop basic skills like…

✅fine-motor skill

✅increase brain synapses

✅listen to instructions and be able to complete tasks by themselves

✅increase imagination and think out of the box

✅learn about different art tools

✅have fun and be proud of themselves

👉🏻We emphasize on steps and learning experience of each student instead of the finished beautiful piece….the most importantly…student will be proud of themselves.

Check out these artwork from our students…well done guys!


Free trial or reservation

089-203-8272 Kru Ploy👩🏻‍🎨

LineID: @scrambled_art


Open everyday


More class photos👇🏻

🖍Process Art and art class for 1.5-12 years old and adult

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