Hi babies and mommies…every week we experience different textures and Process Art. It helps babies to explore, increase confidence, and help to develop senses like smell, touching, seeing, and hearing. These activities are super fun and engage babies to stay focus and enjoy themselves.

What we focus

✅develop senses

✅fine-motor skill

✅increase confidence and make new friends..learn how to share and develop social skill

✅increase quality time with mommies and daddies

✅be able to make decision

Check out our playgroup session with small world dinosaurs and erupted volcano following by making volcano and lava slime.

Don’t miss our play group every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


089-203-8272 Kru Ploy👩🏻‍🎨
LineID: @scrambled_art
Open everyday
More class photos👇🏻
🖍Process Art and art class for 1.5-12 years old and adult

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