🌻SENSORY N ART (1.5-2.5yrs)🌻


What a fun day at playgroup. We explore and learn about farm animals 🐣🐷 through sensory play box filled with sand.



Sand play is very beneficial for kids, especially the early years of their lives when all senses are developing very fast. The soft feeling of sand running through their fingers gives a calm moment and also excitement when they see the sand falling down. By repeating these fun play by themselves, it creates play-based learning through observation, trials, and experiment.



By using their hands, it helps to strengthen fine muscles 💪🏻 during grabbing, squeezing, digging, and pinching. These simple movements help kids to develop fine-motor skills. These skills will again help them to complete tasks in their daily lives, such as button their shirts, feeding themselves, holding a cup drinking water, and putting on clothes.


Most important thing we focus on is to develop quality time between babies, mommies, and daddies together. This increases a good relationship and bound between family members.


089-203-8272 Kru Ploy👩🏻‍🎨

LineID: @scrambled_art


Open everyday


More class photos👇🏻

🖍Process Art and art class for 1.5-12 years old and adult

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