Unstructured play is important for a child because it gives them a sense of #freedom and #control. It also allows them to learn about themselves, what they like and don’t like, and even make mistakes without feeling any pressure or failure. Many experts feel that unstructured play is a necessary part of childhood.

👉🏻This type of play is recommended by Society of Health and Physical Educators of America


✅ Freedom – for kids “freedom” is a chance for kids to think and do what they want (in a safe environment for themselves and others). This also includes being able to try new tools, experimenting some materials, and expose to new textures during their play time. These experience will create a sense of freedom when they try it on their own without having interfering from adults.

✅ Control – is the feeling of leader and be able to control surrounding situation while they are playing. This child-led play helps to enchance leadership and the feeling of control as they be able to walk around, move around the area to explore and choose their own tool. They feel that they are “allowed” to do so.

There are more guidelines form SHAPE America for play time for toddlers…some of which are 👇🏻

✔️Guideline 1: Toddlers should engage in a total of at least 30 minutes of structured physical activity each day.

✔️Guideline 2: Toddlers should engage in at least 60 minutes — and up to several hours — per day of unstructured physical activity.

✔️Guideline 3: Toddlers should be given ample opportunities to develop movement skills that will serve as the building blocks for future motor skillfulness and physical activity.

✔️Guideline 4: Toddlers should have access to indoor and outdoor areas that meet or exceed recommended safety standards for performing large-muscle activities.

✔️Guideline 5: Those in charge of toddlers’ well-being are responsible for understanding the importance of physical activity and promoting movement skills by providing opportunities for structured and unstructured physical activity and movement experiences.

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