Thank you all mommies, daddies, and babies for joining our sensory and Process Art playgroup. We really enjoy sensory messy play of an ice cream shop and also enjoy the messy art cupcake decoration.

Helping a child to develop senses are very important because it will help them to enhance related skills and ability to make decisions.

This play-based learning really focus on early year children development (the first 3 years) by using Process Art and sensory box.

✅ increase brain synapses

✅ develop 5 senses

✅ gaining confidence and be able to make decision on their own (in a safe environment)

✅ increase good relation with parents and create a “safe space” for your child

✅ develop stronger fine-motor skill

✅ social with kids within the same age

Check out photos from the latest playgroup session. We are very happy to see all of you enjoyed our activities.

Kru Ploy

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🖍Process Art and art class for 1.5-12 years old and adult

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