🎨ONLINE COURSES offered by Kru Ploy🎨

1. HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR CHILD’s DRAWING and art skills by using children development and psychology. This course is offered to parents who learn teaching techniques from Kru Ploy and use these techniques to help their children at home.

Help children to improve their imagination and creativity. Improve confidence and art skills.

7 chapters (in Thai)

Chapter 1: Children development, lines, and shapes.

Chapter 2: Shapes & Form

Chapter 3: Proportion

Chapter 4: Variety and Unity

Chapter 5: Value, highlights, and shadow

Chapter 6.1: Color, types of colors, and benefits of colors

Chapter 6.2 (Free): Coloring for beauty and coloring therapy

Chapter 7: Painting with Kru Ploy

👉🏻 Sample session:

2. WORLD ARTIST PAINTING (paint along with Kru Ploy) and learn about world artists’ painting techniques. All materials will be sent to your home.

Acrylic Roses
The Poppy Field (by Monet)
Big Bad Wolf (by Keith Haring)
The Dream (by Picasso)
The Persistence of Memory (by Salvador Dali)
Basket of Six Oranges (by Vincent Van Gogh)
Flower Vase (by Picasso)

14 hours, 7 artwork

All equipment and tools are sent to you home

Sample session:

3. 7 WONDERS OF THE WORLD CRAFT KIT. It’s time to built and learn about wonders of the world. Children will enjoy hearing stories about each place and learn how to build them with their hands.

All materials are delivered to your door and learn how to build different parts with Kru Ploy step by step.

10.5 hours, 1 project

4. PROCESS ART KIT. Learn about using different types of materials for art project including craft, painting, and paint dripping with Kru Ploy. Easy and fun art for young children.

All the materials are delivered to your door! And learn how to make beautiful artwork step by step with Kru Ploy

Sample session:

10.5 hours, 7 artwork

✅ Coffee filter art

✅ Galaxy Painting

✅ Dripping paint boat

✅ Paper bag puppets

✅ Dry chalk on wet

✅ Handprint Cupcake

✅ Climb to the moon

5. BASIC PAINTING. Learn basic painting skills by using geometric shapes to make beautiful art pieces with Kru Ploy. Children will enjoy painting techniques of things around them like flowers, animals, and desserts.

All materials will be delivered to your home.

7 hours, 7 artworks

1) Red apples

2) Fuji Mountain and Cherry Blossom

3) Roses in from of the Door

4) Hot Air Bolloon

5) Sunset inside a Wine Glass

6) A Cat Looking out a Window

7) Sunset in Africa

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🖍Process Art and art class for 1.5-12 years old and adult

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