Sep-Nov Camp 2022


Art and craft camp for young artists 7-12yrs.

This year we based on “project approach learning” to guide your children through step-by-step of art making. They can enjoy from painting, clay, craft, and pop-up book.


19-23 Sep – Quality of art (Galaxy)

26-30 Sep – Time Traveller

3-7 Oct – World Artist 

10-14 Oct – Pop up book (Magic and Wizards)

17-21 Oct – Quality of art (Galaxy)

24-28 Oct – Egyptian Art

31 Oct -4 Nov – Time Traveller

7Nov – 11 Nov – Pop up book (Magic and Wizards)

They will learn the following techniques in every themes

1. Form – the concept of creating new objects on artwork according to imagination.

2. Proportion – learning about objects sizes and distance.

3. Unity – principle of design that gives the artwork a sense of cohesion coherence.

4. value – how light and dark can affect the artwork

5. Color – learning basic principle of color mixing through materials, craft, and design.

Time 9:30am-3:00pm

Price 7,500 Baht/ 5 days (non-consecutive)

The price includes lunch and snack break


0892038272 Kru Ploy




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