Body Tracing…what do I look like?!

This activity helps a child to learn about the body, at the same time they can also having some fun.
-Improve fine-motor skills and arm strength by working on a large space.
-Bring out curiosity and questions.
-Introducing new learning tools.

DIY: Super cute stamps

This DIY is the most easiest and cheapest indoor family activity you can find. All you needs are the materials that you can find around you in your house and in mom’s kitchen.

Drawing Hearts

Let imagination flow and get your color pencils ready! Draw whatever came up to your mind!

All about Motions

Do you believe kids can produce art as same as international artists?

Rock Painting

From an ordinary rock to a master piece. ก้อนหินธรรมดากลายมาเป็นผลงานชิ้นเอก