Printing with Milk Workshop

Take courage and always express yourself through colors and new techniques — Khru Ploy Scrambled Art WOW! This is the first word that my students always say when they saw their work from the activity “Printing with Milk” at the first time. This art and science technique is so amazing and get children all excited….

Unplugged Parents

Have you heard the word “off the grid”? Off the grid means when you are located somewhere that people cannot find or it’s not on the map. It does not mean that you are lost, but actually you feel more like home. Some people like to live far away from the city, away from the…

What is Sensory Play?

How can your child know the drink is sours when they smell it? How they understand the different between glass and plastic? We can develop these senses and understanding through sensory play.

Sensory Box: Flower Pots

Sensory play box contains various ordinary things in life, but it provides incredible improvement   -Scrambled Art by- Kru Ploy I have to say that putting these “fun recipe” together is not easy, it takes time, but it’s super fun. Sensory play box gives our children to learn basic things in life through their playtime,…