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Process Art is when attitudes become forms

Do you believe that a 2 years old kid can produce Process Art as same as international Process Artists?

Of course, at Scrambled Art, anything can happen.

Albert is a lovely 2 years old kid whose concentration will reach to the maximum when he got a tool in his hand. In fact, each artist has his/her favorite tools that they love to work with. In Albert case, it’s all kinds of brush and roller.

Albert loves to use some simple tools, such as rollers, toothbrushes, and cooking brushes. These tools are very easy to find, but they will give the artist an amazing effect.


Tip: These tools are great to younger children because the handle are much bigger than normal painting brushes which allow children to have a firm grip. This will support fine motor skills to develop faster.

Albert loves mixing colors with his tools

His choice of colors is amazing by putting different colors next to each other, he can learn color mixing theory at the same time. Like some artists, they prefer one big mixing tray which they can mix colors all they want and explore the right color for their pieces.

Tip: Provide your child with big mixing tray where there’s a lot of space for them to work with. A bigger tray also allows different tools to go in.



After choosing the right colors, now it’s time to paint!

A good Process Art piece is to show the artist’s thoughts, motions, and emotions. In this case, Albert repeated the same motion within his working space. From right to left, rolling the paint over the paper will create an incredible motion effect.

Do not think that this is a boring experience for him, in fact he’s having a good time! Moreover, do not distract him from this activity because his brain is learning through repetitive practicing. Just, like when you practice some moves in badminton, your muscle will create strength and some muscle memory.

Tip: Let your child to explore this step by himself because his brain can learn more effectively. When a child is learning new things, such as color mixing, rolling paints, and creating an art piece through his own hands, this will create some brain synaptic connections.




Rolling Motion by Albert Rudall (2 Years old)

At the beginning, no one would guess this painting was done by a 2 years old. With his concentration and strength of his fine motor skills, we believe that any child can create a good art piece just like Albert.

“The experiences of an individual has impact the types and amount of the brain synaptic connections that are made which operates on ‘use it or lose it’ principle”
-Wisconsin Council on Children and Families-

Now let’s compare Albert’s art piece with Peter Dranitsin’s (an international Process artist). Albert’s shows a lot of firm lines which reflect that he’s calm, peaceful, and consistent while he’s doing his work. On the other hand, Peter’s has some sharp edges show some fast movements and active motion.

Who knows that a 2 years old Albert can create a great piece of art like a Process artist!



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