DIY: Super cute stamps

This DIY is the most easiest and cheapest indoor family activity you can find. All you need are the materials that you can find around you in your house and in mom’s kitchen.

At our studio, we love this activity so much. Not only the children can get their creativity hat on, but they can also improve fine motor skill from each step. Just make sure to let them do it by themselves.

Their little muscles will form up through stirring sticky glue, squeezing the glue out from the bags, and improve their concentration while putting the glue on the designs.

Here what you need:

  1. Plastic bottle caps
  2. Squeezing bag
  3. Salt
  4. Corn starch
  5. Water
  6. Food coloring
  7. Mixing bowl
  8. Latex glue

Now, let’s get started!

Step1: Put some glue into mixing bowls and mix it with your favorite food coloring, salt, and corn starch. In this step, do not afraid to get creative and teach your kids about color mixing theory. (We provide printable color mixing theory at the end of the instruction).

After dropped a few drops in, just get it a nice stir.




Step2: After the glue has a nice color, now put each color in separate squeeze bag. Cut a little at the tip and ready to squeeze! 


Step3: Now, gather all plastic bottle caps as much as you find around the house. Make some designs on them by using permanent pen. Make sure to get your children involve in this process. THEY LOVE IT!  You will not believe what kind of designs they will come up with. 

This will help them to practice their imagination.

Tip! If you want to write something down, make sure you write it backward. So when you stamp it on the paper, it can be read properly. I made this mistake and it’s quite funny.



Step3: Squeeze the glue along your design and let it dry over night and voila! 

This step will help to enhance children’s concentration, just like teaching them to write along the line. Do not worry about the mistakes, they can just wipe it off anytime.

With the bright colors from the food coloring, the stamps look very cute!



Step4: Find some old sponges from the kitchen and damp it with some water. Then, just put small amount of paint on it and let it soak in. 


Now it’s time to create!! You can make some cards, wrapping paper, or cartoon characters from it.


Use this color mixing theory chart to help your kid to be more excited during mixing the colors.

color mixing theory.jpg

See all process in motion here:




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